Clothes covered with speckled stains from the splatter
Lungs charred from breathing in black particulate matter
Tar thickened smoke fills the room
The unassuming doom
The unassuming doom
My own private mayhem
don't try to moralise it dude..

Same world, different universe
For now we just exist on different planes
explosions in reverse
Particles act as if like waves
but I'll see it when I believe it
Searching for something more
than the days when we were pure
With death if not before

Can't write even though I stayed up all night
trying to turn notes into a thesis
I held the chrysalis in the palm of my hand
and in the flicker of a wing it had fallen to pieces

(It only takes a flicker)

I woke up and it was all different
It only takes the flicker of a string
As nervous as in churches or when choirs sing
Ancient echoes, baby heads with angel wings
(Ancient echoes, baby heads with angel wings)

(Have you ever wondered?
"if my ethereal wings could take me far away
where would I go?
what would I see?
who would I be?")

A period of self-loathing, ripped clothing,
walls closing, a deep foreboding,
I'm holding on for dear life
Repeatedly doing something that I no longer like
God damn why can't I even take my own advice?

(A temptress, a healer, tells me to BE
Don't you believe her? If I whisper in your ear
Tell me sometime at some point you believe
At some point you believe the whispers in your ear)

It's a pity, making sure I'm gassed
Always easier when I'm walking the city wearing the mask
Don't have any friends just other people that I know
and I'm still pretty good at being alone
Just a matter of time i suppose

I love dusk in this city
and as I looked to the core it was so pretty
I got a nosebleed from the hard and gritty
I get close to invale the vapours
Whiskey, twenty-bags and rolling papers

I woke up and it was all different

(It takes a flicker of a wing,
Take me to see many things
And if I take flight, where I'd go, who I'd be
I don't know I might be a healer or a preacher
even though I don’t like, that kind of thing…)

It takes a flicker of a wing


from Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions, released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


fingerling Wales, UK

Album "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions" is out now.

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