Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions

by fingerling

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An album by fingerling.

All tracks by fingerling except:
- "Papers" by fingerling and Fabien Ferryman
- "World Piece" by fingerling and Mike McKnight

Album artwork background image: ESA/NASA

"Bones" VIDEO:
"The Isle of the Colourblind" VIDEO:
"World Piece" VIDEO:


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released March 24, 2017



all rights reserved


fingerling Wales, UK

Album "Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions" is out now.

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Track Name: Bones
7 billion alive
100 billion dead
I'll grind your bones to make my bread

As the waves pass through walls
a song less frequently sung
We brothers of the lung

I am here for you to show me
where the spiritual becomes
something altogether more unholy

You're only rewarded for the risks you're prepared to take
The mistakes that you're prepared to make

Buffered by the sea
That's you and me
Numbness and complacency
A heart without a beat
Track Name: We Can Help
We rose today with shaky plans
devils work for idle hands
With confidence to rob a bank
started the car and broke the ranks
Tried and failed to make a kite
got too high to ride our bikes
Lets just take the comfy chairs outside
Most of all we liked the chance
of encounters with the local cats
and the hours disappear into nowhere

I can’t be myself today
all the bees are africanised in this place
I can’t go outside today
all the people they invade my personal space

With confidence to rob a bank
started the car and broke the ranks
Retreat to base we’re being flanked
The iceberg floats, the titanic sank
Things don’t go to plan
and these roads are leading to nowhere

Most of all we lacked a van
and a place to hide the contraband
There isn’t a safe place in all the land
it’s covered in whispers

Sometimes the specs of dust reflect in such a way
that they become the most poignant symbol of being alive today

I can’t go outside today
I’ll keep the rising damp at bay
I’ll plaster the holes and give it a lick of paint

Is the world just a voice in my head?

Ride on
Track Name: Toothache
I’m going on my volition

You’re not good for me
But you’re so sweet
Inside me you’ve created cavities
I’m too weak, can’t compete with the hunger
Your plans will come to fruition

I’m here on my own volition
But damn I’ve got toothache

It’s like praying whilst having sex with a saint in a sacred place and gods on it
An endearing yet massively impractical commitment to living in the moment
And fortune favours the ill-prepared mind
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

You’d better proceed with caution
or you might get stuck in the elixir
Designed with you in mind
made to transfix you
A powerful agent that glitters and gleams
with the glitter of meaning and hope
But are you really free?

I’m going on my own volition
But damn I’ve got toothache

One taste of you will stun
What a tragic blunder for some
Track Name: The Isle of the Colourblind
And this is another introduction
And this is another awkward juncture

I’m here purely by osmosis and you know this

Fortune favours the ill-prepared mind
This creature is king in the Isle of the Colourblind

Do you wish to save, the changes that you’ve made?
Please restart for these changes to take place.
Track Name: Papers
Clothes covered with speckled stains from the splatter
Lungs charred from breathing in black particulate matter
Tar thickened smoke fills the room
The unassuming doom
The unassuming doom
My own private mayhem
don't try to moralise it dude..

Same world, different universe
For now we just exist on different planes
explosions in reverse
Particles act as if like waves
but I'll see it when I believe it
Searching for something more
than the days when we were pure
With death if not before

Can't write even though I stayed up all night
trying to turn notes into a thesis
I held the chrysalis in the palm of my hand
and in the flicker of a wing it had fallen to pieces

(It only takes a flicker)

I woke up and it was all different
It only takes the flicker of a string
As nervous as in churches or when choirs sing
Ancient echoes, baby heads with angel wings
(Ancient echoes, baby heads with angel wings)

(Have you ever wondered?
"if my ethereal wings could take me far away
where would I go?
what would I see?
who would I be?")

A period of self-loathing, ripped clothing,
walls closing, a deep foreboding,
I'm holding on for dear life
Repeatedly doing something that I no longer like
God damn why can't I even take my own advice?

(A temptress, a healer, tells me to BE
Don't you believe her? If I whisper in your ear
Tell me sometime at some point you believe
At some point you believe the whispers in your ear)

It's a pity, making sure I'm gassed
Always easier when I'm walking the city wearing the mask
Don't have any friends just other people that I know
and I'm still pretty good at being alone
Just a matter of time i suppose

I love dusk in this city
and as I looked to the core it was so pretty
I got a nosebleed from the hard and gritty
I get close to invale the vapours
Whiskey, twenty-bags and rolling papers

I woke up and it was all different

(It takes a flicker of a wing,
Take me to see many things
And if I take flight, where I'd go, who I'd be
I don't know I might be a healer or a preacher
even though I don’t like, that kind of thing…)

It takes a flicker of a wing
Track Name: World Piece
Nature will regulate us one day

(Lyrics and vocals by Mike McKnight)
Track Name: Metusque Relabi (Part 1)
We are all insects, groping towards something terrible or divine.
And we look alive with our compound eyes
But we are hypnotised, and we are mesmerised. We are tranquillised. We are paralysed.
We are preoccupied. But we are satisfied.

No man is an island, all men are an island, each one of us is an island. No man an isle
Track Name: Metusque Relabi (Part 2)
Tip of tongue to open sore, on painted lips, my pain is yours
And it feels like I'm being born, through the same stoma, escaped the soul
The stigmas such that I'm not sure, if I'll lose my mind before you yours
The enigma's all that's left of us, who'd have thought, I am awed

I am awed
I am so awed

I am yours
I am all yours

You can be forever committed to bottling a spark
But it's like trying to untangle headphones in the dark
Desperately remoulding ideas until they're a familiar shape
Held together with Hammerite and Gaffer tape 

At the end of the year you'll either stitch up the seams
Or you'll be buried by the weight of your dreams
If you can't remove the stone from your shoe before you're had by the hearse
The subtle difference between a hex and curse
Fear the worst

Because nowadays everything is a fine line
between diving off the deep end and falling with style
A sky high rise nose dive each day that you're alive
Tethered to a fire hose like McClane, driven by Argyle
You can re-enter reality by smashing back through the glass
Or continue to fall with the weight of your mass
A few final seconds of a spinning scene to survey
Alternating blue green and grey

(Or maybe we'll all just fade away)